Gondar Ethiopie


In June 2015 we travelled with a group of six Dutch gynaecologist and residents, members of the Working Party of International Safe Motherhood and Reproductive Health (WP ISM&RH) to Gondar, Ethiopia, where Life Saving Skills Training was given in cooperation with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

This pilot training was organised on request of the receiving Gondar Hospital and World Vision Ethiopia. We had a very intense and successful week with enthusiastic trainees and trainers. The training resulted in a Memorandum of Understanding of the four parties involved, with an agreement for the coming 5 years.

Follow-up of this training and further plans for training as well as studies are made right now. A ShareNet Grant is issued to help us succeed. This implies the presentations of results of our trainings and studies.

We are very proud of the results so far and are driven for more. We will keep you informed.

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