ISM&RH Motivation Funds

The ISM&RH “Motivation Fund” started in 2016.

Every year the working party rewards an interesting project with a motivation fund of 2000 Euro.


  • Projects with the goal to improve Safe Motherhood and Reproductive Health in Lower-middle income countries
  • Small/individual projects
  • Local initiated projects
  • Educational support of local healthcareworkers witht he aim to improve safe motherhood and reproductive health


Write your project proposal including the desciptions of criteria above, to Dr J van Dillen

The ISM&RH board will has the right to decide which project is rewarded, decisions will be made in the yearly board meeting. No discussion and correspondence about rejection of projects.

This funding initiative had started for the period of 5 years and will be yearly evaluated, depending on the financial situation of the ISM&RH.