The “Safe Motherhood Series” is a collection of PhD books from members of the ISM&RH, since 1995 started by Dr Jos van Roosmalen.

A PhD is part of this collection if it meets, the recently defined, following criteria:

  • The PhD topic meets the objectives of the ISM&RH and is about Safe Motherhood and Reproductive Health,  mainly researched in low middle income settings.
  • The Phd contains a page that refers to the Safe Motherhood series.
  • The term “safe Motherhood Series” is named on the cover.
  • The minimum of one member of the ISM&RH is involved in the project as promotor or co-writer (co promotor).
  • The Phd book will be published on this website.
  • The PhD candidate will present the PhD outcomes at one of the ISM&RH meetings (regular 2 months meeting, symposium or congres).

The Safe Motherhood Series

Anouk Verschuuren

Maternity care for refugees and asylum seekers in the Netherlands 

University Medical Centre Groningen, the Netherlands, 10 Jan 2024

Lisa Calhoun

Contraceptive use and method choice among young people in sub-Saharan Africa: Are we meeting their reproductive health needs?

VU University Amsterdam, 5 Feb 2024

Gebi Husein Jima

Promoting contraceptive uptake to reduce the unmet need for family planning during the postpartum period in Ethiopia

University Medical Centre Groningen,
the Netherlands, 26 Feb 2024

Athanasios Kallianidis

Maternal morbidity and mortality in the Netherlands and their association with obstetric interventions

Leiden UMC, 16 Mar 2023

Steffie Heemelaar

Maternal health in Namibia: Lessons learned from obstetric surveillance 

Leiden UMC, 14 Apr 2023

Anke Heitkamp

Maternal deaths, near misses and great saves: severe maternal outcomes in Metro East, the Western Cape Province, South Africa

Stellenbosch University, Cape
Town, South Africa/VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 14 Apr 2023

Paul Ramler

Postpartum Hemorrhage: From Insight to Action

Leiden UMC, 20 Sep 2022

Titus Kofi Beyuo

Optimizing care and patient experience of preeclampsia in low- and and middle-income
countries – the case of Ghana

UMC Utrecht, the Netherlands, 13 Dec 2022

Carrie J. Ngongo

Epidemiology and etiology of genital fistulas in East Africa 

Ghent University, Belgium, 10 Feb 2023

Susan Ontiri

Improving Access to Quality Family Planning Services in Kenya by Addressing Contraceptive Discontinuation



Efrem Sheferaw

Improving respectful maternity care in Ethiopia


UMCG, 15 Oct 2021

Yadira Roggeveen

Participation and transdisciplenary collaboration and tools towards increasing skilled birth attendence

Amsterdam UMC, VU, May 2021

Kim Verschueren

Maternal mortality, near-miss and stillbirths in Suriname


UMC Utrecht, Dec 2020

Lachmi Kodan

Maternal Mortality in Suriname: Implementation of MDSR


UMC Utrecht, Dec 2020

Natasha Housseine

Strategies to improve the quality of foetal monitoring and intrapartum care in high-volume, low-resource maternity units


UMC Utrecht, Dec 2020

Rob Mooij

Safe Motherhood: Improving quality of maternal and perinatal care in rural Tanzania


UMCG, Sept 2020

Nasrathulla Ansari

Quality of maternal and newborn health care in health facilities in Afghanistan


UMCG, 2019

Felix Sayinzoga

Health system determinants of maternal and neonatal health in Rwanda


Radboud UMC, 2019

Barbara Nolens

Reintroduction of vacuum extraction in a tertiary hospital in Uganda.


VUMC, 2019

Ada Gillessen

Towards better prognostic and diagnostic strategies for major obstetric haemorrhage.


LUMC, 2019

Richard Kalisa

Hospital-based audit of obstetric care and birth preparedness in rural Rwanda.


VUMC, 2019

Ibukun-Oluwa O. Abejirinde

Diagnostic and clinical decision support systems for antenatal

care: is mHealth the future in low-resource settings?


VUMC, 2018

Dunstan Raphael Bishanga

Improving access to quality maternal and newborn care in low-resource settings: the case of Tanzania


UMCG, 2019

Tienke Vermeiden

Maternity waiting homes in Ethiopia to improve women’s access maternity care


UMCG, 2019

Abera Kenay Tura

Severe maternal morbidity an mortality in eastern Ethiopia.


UMCG, 2019

Nanna Maaloe

Assisting birth attendants in providing acceptable care under unacceptable clinical realities: the Partoma intervention study at Zanzibar’s tertiary hospital.


University of Copenhagen, 2019

Sharon J.N. Kibwana

Increasing access to anaesthaesia in Ethiopia: task shifting.


VUMC, 2017

Firew Ayalew Desta

Improving frontline health workers’ performance in low resouurce settings; the case of Ethiopia.


VUMC, 2017

Tegbar Yigzae Sindekie

Identifying needs for optimizing the health work force in Ethiopia.


VUMC, 2017

Marielle Bemelmans

Getting the job done, providing lifelong HIV treatment in settings with limited human resources for health: innovative approaches.


VUMC, 2016

Tom Witteveen

Severe Acute Maternal Morbidity, risk factors in the Netherlands and validation of the WHO Maternal Near Miss tool.

Leiden University, 2016


Cora Bakker

Terugvinden van waardigehid, communit based sociotherapie in Rwanda, Oost Congo en Liberia.


VUMC, 2016

Giel van Stralen

The aberrant third stage of labour.

Leiden University, 2015


Ellen Nelissen

Improving maternal outcome in rural Tanzania using obstetric simulation based training.

VUMC, 2014


Marrit Smit

Obstetric emergencies in primary midwifery care in the Netherlands.


LUMC, 2014

Jogchum Beltman

Health professionalsand maternal health in Malawi; mortality and morbidity at district level.


VUMC, 2013

Marcus Rijken

Malaria in pregnancy: ultrasound studies on fetal growth.

UMCU, 2012


Angelo Nyamtema

Leading change in the maternal health care system in Tanzania: application of operations research.

Ifakara, Tanzania, VUmc, 2012

Thomas van den Akker

Medical Mirrors: Maternal care in Malawian district.

VUmc, 2011

Luc van Lonkhuijzen

Delay in safe motherhood.

Groningen University, 2011

Joke Schutte

Confidential enquiries into maternal deaths in the Netherlands 1993-2005.

VUmc, 2010

Joost Zwart

Severe maternal morbidity in the Netherlands: the LEMMoN study.

Vumc, 2009

Jeroen van Dillen

Obstetric audit in Namibia and the Netherlands.

Vumc, 2009

Afisha Yakubu Zakariah

Beyond the numbers: confidential enquiries into maternal deaths in Accra-Ghana.

vrije UNiversiteit Brussel, Belgie, 2008

Godfrey Mbaruku

Enhancing survival of mothers and their newborns in Tanzania.

Karlinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, 2005

Jelle Stekelenburg

Health care seeking behaviour and utilisation of health services in Kalabo District.

VUmc, 2004

Wilbert Spaans

Vaginal birth after caesarian section in Zimbabwe and the Netherlands.

UvA, 2004

Diederike Geelhoed

Reproductive health matters in rural Ghana.

Leiden University, 2003

Ashok Mungra

Confidential enquiries into maternal deaths in Surinam.

Leiden University, 1999

Nico Schuitemaker

Confidential enquiries into maternal deaths in the Netherlands, 1983-1992.

Leiden University, 1998

Douwe Verkuyl

Family planning as part of Reproductove Health, including the HIV/AIDS aspects, in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa

Barbara Kwast

Unsafe Motherhood, a monumental challenge.

A study of maternal mortality in Addis Ababa.

Jos van Roosmalen

Maternal Healthcare in the Southern Western Highlands of Tanzania

Gijs Walraven

Perinatal assessment in rural Tanzania.

Nijmegen University, 1995

Akosua de Groot

The role of oral (methyl)ergometrine in prevention of post partum heamorrhage.

Nijmegen University, 1995